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Blue Skies Lettering Shop

Check out my shop for beautiful note cards, fine art prints and more!

Spouse-ly Store

KalliCamp Academy

Join us for the Holiday Calligraphy Camp! $25 or free with a gift card purchase!

Contact Me for a Quote or Question!

I am open for commissions for custom calligraphy or watercolor designs!

“Unwind” Free Printable Practice Sheet

The Lavender Project

The Lavender Project is an aspiring non-profit based in Birmingham, AL founded by Michael and Allie Armstrong- benefitting Ryker’s Rainbow and The Red Barn.

Links for Some of My Favorite Tools!

My Beloved Calligraphy Pens

My favorite oblique pen holder! The ergo option is custom designed to fit your hand!

Adjustable Oblique Holder

(Paper and Ink Arts)

I frequently receive question about this holder. See the link below to check it out!

Ferris Wheel Press

Use Promo Code BLUESKIES 10% off of your order!

Artist’s Glove

This is very helpful when writing on the ipad or even on paper! Helps your hand slide gracefully πŸ™‚

Light Pad

A must have- I use mine with just about every piece that I do! Makes life so much easier!

Strathmore Bristol Smooth Paper

My go to for commissions! Smooth and lovely weight.

Modern and Fine Art Calligrapher in Birmingham, Alabama

Michelle Coulter is a fine art calligrapher from Birmingham, Alabama who is specializing in Modern Calligraphy. From traditional hand-calligraphed design to digital calligraphy, Michelle has created high-value calligraphy art for tattoo artists, small businesses and brands looking to scale their business. Read more here.

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Digital Calligraphy Print- vase with daisies, yellow flowers, blue flowers. Text "Every Moment is a Fresh Beginning." T.S. Eliot

Commission Me!

I’m available for commissioned work! Use the link below to email me and we can discuss your project! I have experience with a number of different projects including pointed pen calligraphy, digital calligraphy, logo design, tattoo design and more!

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