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  • "Light of Christ" advent card framed in acrylic frame on a distressed wood background. Artwork features a watercolor wreath with "I am the light of the world" in calligraphy

    Framed “Light of Christ” Advent Card


    Advent cards are a wonderful way to keep the spirit of the Christmas season on your mind every day! In the busyness of the season, it is easy to forget the reason that we celebrate; and these cards will help to reframe your mindset! This lovely “Light of Christ” advent cart is the fifth in the series of the advent card collection. Following the traditional advent candles, the fifth week represents the birth of Jesus Christ. The front of this card features a lovely watercolor greenery wreath and scripture penned in modern calligraphy. The back of each card states the theme of the week in calligraphy and the full reference verse in block print. You may choose to purchase the card with an acrylic frame to easily display your card. The acrylic frame is a wonderful display and allows for both sides of the card to be seen. You may also purchase the cards alone in this listing if you prefer. Purchase the complete advent set here.