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  • ”welcome baby” gift tags- 2 gift tags are pictured both with the same watercolor wreath design including roses (one pink and one blue). Welcome baby is written in calligraphy in the middle of each wreath. The tags are sitting on white marble with a white hydrangea at the top. chiffon ribbon is next to each tag (pink for girl, blue for boy)

    “Welcome Baby” Gift Tags


    These sweet “Welcome Baby” gift tags are the perfect finishing touch for your baby gift! In this age of digital communication, a handwritten note on beautiful stationery can speak volumes. “Welcome Baby” is a lovely design incorporating a watercolor wreath with roses. Available in pink, blue and green! Available as a single tag to add on to your order or a pack of 8! If adding to an order, please add your note to the “Order Notes” Box at checkout! These tags are small, so please limit the message to about 10 words or less.