New Jeremiah 29:11 Prints and Notecards! (And a Peek Into the Creation Process)

I recently had a request to create botanical notecards featuring a previous calligraphy design that I had created! Keep reading to see a few snapshots of the creation process for these Jeremiah 29:11 prints and notecards!

Jeremiah 29:11

This verse is always such an encouragement! In such uncertain times as we have all experienced over the past few years, I always find solace in these strong words! I recently wrote this piece out as a Christmas gift for a friend. Then, I received a request to place that piece on a notecard with a botanical design. I thought I would share the process of creating this design!

The Process

I start by creating my canvas in procreate, and drawing a box so I know where I need to stay for my printable margins. Then draw a rough sketch of my leaves.

My rough sketch

I create a new layer and then paint my leaves in over my sketch layer. I used Abbie Nurse’s floralizer brush for the majority of this piece- it paints a beautiful stroke! After I’m done with my leaves, I add in the branches and then turn off my sketch layer. I group my leaves and branches together, duplicate them, flip them horizontally and vertically and place at the bottom right corner.

Leaves and Branches complete

Next, I draw my little buds in, branches first and then buds. I do these manually on each side to be sure that there is still an organic feel to the piece. After these are finished, I group all of my layers and make a copy of them in case I make any big mistakes 🙂 I hide one set and the group the other set together. Then, I get to smudging! The connections between the leaves and the branches appear too sharp of a contrast without this step. Smudging takes a while 😉 After that step is complete, I duplicate the layer and reduce the opacity of the second layer a bit, but this gives some extra color to the piece! My last step here is to go around the margins with my eraser and take out any portion that will not fit in the printable margin.

Ready for lettering!

The last step is the lettering! I add in my favorite guidelines (I tend to use a 6 mm x height), and write each line on a separate layer. After I’m done, I move each of these layers to center it, then group them all together and resize to fit my desired area. Often, I will take an extra step and change the lettering to a watercolor feel to add some extra dimension.

The final product!

Want to Watch the Process?

Check out the Video Below!

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